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Stamping parts customization process
1、Through the phone or the network, preliminary communication, the business Commissioner to confirm whether the two sides can further cooperation, or not with our department.
2、Provide customers with samples, or CAD map, PDF map, 3D surface, photos, business executive orders will preliminary assessment.
3、Business Specialist Customer Information and information into our project department, by the Engineer in the first time to evaluate the process and product production cost, Nobel necessary by the engineer will communicate directly with customers technical points, or even send the Commissioner to customer site assessment.
2、Order processing
After friendly negotiation between two sides, when the two sides are satisfied with the price order, we will collect the corresponding deposit and make relevant design and development for the start time of the contract. The business Commissioner will follow you up at any time and reply the production schedule and arrangement to you, so that you can know the relevant information in time.
1、Time requirements
Mold development 15~25 days, look at the product.Except for festivals
Sample delivery method and time:
SF EXPRESS air logistics can express across the day(*  Send the related reports or send the related reports in the network by mail.)。
3、Product shipment
With the completion of pre production samples, mass production will be carried out. We will control the quality of mass produced products according to the ISO process, and we can track the progress of production and the progress of transportation.
4、After-sale service and customer complaint handling
1、When the goods arrive, if you have quality problems, you can contact with our business commissioner or our quality department at the first time through various communication tools. We will make replenishment or replacement arrangements according to the quality of customer complaints, which is completed within 5 days.
2、The quality department heads both sides to communicate and analyze the causes of quality and the corresponding improvement measures or the quality supervisor of our department to handle (within 2 days).
3、Quality compensation quality has been seriously wrong, we undertake the corresponding liability for the loss of raw materials / processing costs / transportation costs.


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